Saturday, January 1, 2011

Intel® Meet at banglore

Empowering Girl Child - Supporting Community though Intel® Learn Program 
Ms. Shahana K T is an Entrepreneur, Akshaya Centre, Mallapuram, Kerala. She has been appreciated for her inspiring work in recognizing the role of information technology in social transformation and for implementing Intel Learn program most effectively despite severe obstacles in her way. Through the Intel Learn program, Shahana has impacted at least 1600 children and girl children in particular. She has empowered girls in her community with technology skills, paving the way for them to use technology to spread awareness and solve community problems. Shahana has indeed become a role model for every young woman in her region. Ms. Shahana shared that being a Muslim women helped her motivate and insist Muslims in her village to send their daughters to her Akshaya Centre. Her success has inspired many girls in her community to take up jobs and come out of four walls of their homes to the outside world and be independent and confident women. She said that she will continue her work in taking Intel Learn Program forward, so that she can see more Shahana’s in the future.

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