Monday, December 27, 2010

Story about me @ Intel website

Kerala in pact with Intel
The tremendous impact this joint collaboration has had over the year is evident in Pandikkad Akshaya Centre in Malappuram, which is approximately 24 kms away from the district headquarters.
The Pandikkad center is run by a lady entrepreneur, Shahana, who is also a teacher. Before her center was changed to an Akshaya center, Shahana ran it as a private computer centre in the town. The centre was functioning well in the community but 80% of the students were boys.
Social Impact - Women flock to the centers
A mother of three daughters herself, Shahana faced many problems while running her centre and it was only after Akshaya program was launched that she became familiar to the people and the community. According to Shahana, “there are very few lady entrepreneurs in Malappuram and people did not encourage women to grow”.
A majority of Malappuram’s population is Muslims. The girls are not allowed out of the houses. “After the launch of Intel® Learn Program, I decided to knock every door and make the parents understand that girls should not miss the opportunity of taking this world-class program,” says Shahana. “Very reluctantly, a few parents allowed their daughters to come to the centre. As a next step I organized a showcasing session and invited the parents to visit the centre. One of the girls Naseema’s mother had tears in her eyes when she saw her daughter presenting her project confidently in front of a huge gathering. She went back and sent Naseema’s two sisters to attend the training as well” adds Shahana proudly.
Today Shahana is happy because the different learning techniques provided by the Intel® Learn program is attracting more and more girls to the centre. Shahana has completed 12 batches of the program with a total of 184 learners, of which one-third are girls.

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